I'm Erica. 

A Graphic Design and Environmental Studies student at Western Washington University, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Passionate for the outdoors, I enjoy climbing, snowboarding, skiing, sailing, kayaking, biking, and backpacking. 

When not out enjoying my natural surroundings, I am focused on connecting with local communities, contributing creative ideas and solutions. 

Having a positive intention meshed with a strong work ethic, there's no challenge too great. 

I am interested in pursuing UX and UI, bringing a fresh perspective to the evolution of technology. As sculptors of our culture, I believe designers should have a 'think global, act local' approach to solving problems. 

So... what is Mountainmind all about? 

Mountainmind is a creative identity developed for the purpose of spreading an elevated state of awareness. Likened to the metaphor of life as the mountain and man as the climber, we all have our personal peaks to ascend.

With the driving purpose of assisting others on their upward journey towards truth, self-realization, and making a positive impact on this earth, Mountainmind uses visual language as a tool to make the world a better place.